CANCER! The dreaded ‘C’ word…. No one wants to hear it or be even remotely affected by it. However in the world we are living in now; we get to hear it all a bit too often.

My life has also been affected by the ‘C’ word multiple times. I lost my dear father in law and my dearest uncle to cancer. I had personally seen the devastating effects it has on the person going through it and the family. Little did I know then that one day I too would be diagnosed with this disease. 10th June 2012; I was diagnosed as having early breast cancer.

As anyone going through a similar diagnosis would relate to; it feels as if you are on a long roller coaster ride of hospital visits and treatments trying to navigate through the highs and lows which never seem to end long after medical treatment has finished.

My life as I knew it; changed for ever! For the better… Thats certainly not how I felt then or even until last year. But thats definately how I feel now.

I had suffered from fibromyalgia for 5 years before my cancer diagnosis. My body and immune system were already quite weak. The effects of multiple surgeries and chemotherapy had me bedridden most of the times. I had to learn how I could regain my health. I immersed myself into doing research, attended retreats, listened to podcasts, attended webinars and started following health journeys of other people who had faced or were facing similar challenges.
I learnt so much! My lifestyle completely changed!

Eating healthy, juicing, introducing fermented foods, exercising, meditating, yoga, pranayam, practising self care and self love, detoxing, trying to eliminate chemicals from personal care products and food; all became a part of my daily life. My health started to improve and I started to have more energy which enabled me to live a fuller life….a life I hadnt known for over 8 years….

Cancer taught me to make Conscious Courageous Choices! The dreaded ‘C’ word became a catalyst and helped me discover what it meant to live consciously, stand up for what I felt was right for me and choose it even if it was different from the norm.

We have a choice in most of the things we do on a daily basis. Often we are just not conscious of them or are afraid of choosing the right ones due to various reasons. My hope in starting this blog is that through sharing my journey, experiences, opinions and knowledge; I might be able to inspire you to make conscious & courageous choices every day of your life. Often little tweeks made in our life can have profound effects on our health. Kris Carr who I absolutely adore once said “Prevention is the best cure’. So here’s to living a wonderful life and making Conscious Courageous Choices everyday!

Love to you all. Stay well.