Had a crazily hectic week. As a lot of you would agree we women (some men too!) seldom know when to stop. Since I have been feeling more energetic these days; I often end up doing much much more than I think I should. There are days when I have gone non stop from 7am to 9pm and then ended up falling in a heap. Yesterday was one of those days….

This morning I could feel my body complaining and I had to miss my yoga class which I so look forward to all week. I decided to take it easy once the morning rush of making brekkie for the family, packing three lunches & snacks and the washing was done.

I ditched my usual routine of stretching and pranayam and instead had a relaxing breakfast in bed and read a book for half an hour. This was followed by a phone call to a friend, some journalling and a relaxing bath with epsom salts and lavender oil.

Something really struck me today which was a thought of how I would have reacted to this dip of energy a few years back when I was going through fibromyalgia and these dips were more frequent than now. During those days such symptoms would bring with them a sense of hopelessness, guilt for overdoing, worry of when I would get over the fatigue and often depression.

This journey has however taught me the importance of self love & I have learnt to honour what my body is telling me. I now choose to view it as just one day and not necessarily my whole life. So in a way; being present in the now and not worrying about how tomorrow is going to be and not being guilty of the fact that I overworked in the past. Infact at times i look at these days as an opportunity for slowing down, taking stock of things, doing relaxing things that I havnt in sometime & nurturing my soul.

While I agree it is not an easy task getting through these dark days; I hope that you too will someday be able to make a Conscious Courageous Choice & choose self love over guilt, the present over the past or future and empowerment over hopelesness.

Be well. xx