Are you recovering from Breast Cancer?

I know it can be a lonely and confusing road when you have finished active treatments and are expected to pick yourself up and move on with life.

You might be ready to make changes in your lifestyle which you know might help you.   
It can get quite overwhelming and confusing though when you are dealing with brain fog, fatigue, pain and the abundance of advice and information hurled at you.

I get it and I have been there!


In this masterclass, you will learn about the Four Pillars to health and recovery after Breast Cancer. I will give you some simple strategies to start implementing in your life straightway which will give you a roadmap and support your healing and recovery.

I want you to have a direction and feel empowered, motivated and energetic as you move ahead. 

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If you cannot attend live for any reason, a recording will be sent out to you. There is a special bonus though if you do attend live.