Do you experience Scan-xiety?


 Ask any Breast Cancer Survivor, and most likely the answer will be a ‘Yes’.

For those that are hearing this word for the first time, Scan-xiety is the anxiety we go through when it’s time for our regular scans and check ups and is usually experienced from before the day arrives, on the day and right until our Doctor rings us back to say ‘Its all ok’. 

Going to those very places where the diagnosis or treatments happened can often bring back all the memories and trigger stress and anxious feelings.

Even though it has been 8 years since I finished treatment and the levels of scanxiety have certainly gone down, I still do experience it.


Some tools I use to help me during this time are :


1. doTerra Essential Oils – I swear they make it so much easier to deal with. I wish I had access to these when I was going through my treatment. Their Peace blend and Balance blends are my favourites and I apply some on my pulse points, behind my ears and around my neck when I feel anxious feelings. (DM me if you need more info on these).

2. Using affirmations certainly helps (When I remember to use them 😊) My favourite ones are ‘The Universe has my back’, ‘I am well supported and looked after’.


Sharda Sethi - Scan-xiety Blog - Journaling

3. Journaling helps me put my thoughts on paper and instantly shifts my energy.

4. Communicating with my Angels (which I learnt from Shunanda
in her Angel Immersion Course) and feeling their presence at the time of the scan really helps me too. 


I also think that it is so normal for us to feel this kind of anxiety in view of the traumatic experiences we would have gone through on our journey. Each visit to the same places brings back memories & the stresses associated with them.

Accepting that this anxiousness is normal, feeling through it and moving through it is better than putting unnecessary pressure on ourselves to just be positive and happy all the time.

What do your experiences around this look like?

What are some of the tools you find helpful?


Be Well and keep making Conscious Courageous Choices